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Mortgage Checklist

Common documents required from each borrower during the loan process (if applicable). PDF format preferred, copy acceptable.

[  ] Most recent 1st / 2nd mortgage statement for each property you own

[  ] Current lease(s) on any rental properties

[  ] Insurance Declaration Pages for each property you own

[  ] 2 most recent and consecutive paystubs

[  ] 2014 and 2015 W-2’s for each borrower

[  ] 2014 and 2015 signed Federal Tax Returns (State returns are not required)

[  ] 2014 and 2015 signed Corporate Tax Returns with K1’s (if borrower 25% or more ownership in a company)

[  ] Bank Checking/Savings account statements—2 most recent months

[  ] Driver’s License and SS Card for each borrower

[  ] Credit Card information to order the Appraisal

For Purchase Loans these additional Items are needed

[  ] A signed contract and the multiple listing print-out (the Realtor can provide this for you)

[  ] Cancelled check for the earnest money deposit (a copy of the front and back)

[  ] Gift letter (provided by your Loan Officer) signed by donor and evidence of donor’s ability to gift the funds (have donor write a “Cashier’s Check” and copy the front & back of this check) and then a copy of the gift fund deposit

[  ] Sales contract on your present home or the settlement statement from the sale of your previous home if you are using the proceeds for the purchase of the new home


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