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How to Get a Loan

Once you have selected us to refinance your home or purchase a new property, Directors Financial Group's loan process moves quickly. In most cases it only takes 35 days to have a mortgage that suits your lifestyle and saves you money.

You will have 24/7 access to your loan file through this website after you have signed your disclosures. You can also email or call your loan officer with questions anytime through the process.

The Directors Financial Group Loan Process

STEP ONE -- Getting Started is Easy!

The first step is to complete your loan application, which can be done easily through our website or by calling us at 877-492-9173. To get started on the website, go to the apply now menu at the top left of the page. Choose the short or long application, complete and hit send!

STEP TWO -- Your Assigned Loan Officer Calls You with Your Rate

A Directors Financial Group loan officer will have a number of rate and term options based on your financial circumstances and will explain each option in detail to you. And, in the event of a purchase send you a pre-qualification letter.

STEP THREE -- You Sign Your Disclosures

Disclosures indicate the options you have chosen and your willingness to proceed. This is the perfect time to make sure you understand the terms of the loan and make any changes, if necessary. Your loan officer is a professional who can explain these forms.

STEP FOUR -- You Upload or Send in your Documents for Processing

One week to ten days after your loan documents have been uploaded to your file it is submitted to underwriting.

STEP FIVE -- Appraisal is Ordered

The appraisal is ordered. Three days after the property inspection an appraisal report is received by us (in most cases) moving the loan to final review by the underwriter for final loan approval. In the case of purchases, appraisals are ordered immediately.

STEP SIX -- Final Loan Documents are Prepared

Final loan documents are prepared and a notary appointment is scheduled with you to sign your loan documents.

STEP SEVEN -- Your Loan is Funded

Purchase loans fund the following business day after signing. With a refinance loan it is three days after signing.

Simple, Straightforward, and Fast!


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